Leadership Volunteer & Member Committee

IWOO is an organization that is able to exist because of the efforts put in by the many volunteers that, since its founding, have provided us with thousands of hours of assistance every year. In 2020, a Volunteer & Member Leadership Committee was established, directed by Behnaz Moeinzadeh, consisting of two subcommittees, the Volunteer Election Committee and the Member Engagement Committee.

Director: Behnaz Moeinzadeh (2020)

Volunteer With Us

The supports we receive from our volunteers are reflected in the following areas: Understanding community needs and assisting in their improvement; Contribution to IWOO services such as settlement, literacy, wellness, mental health, leisure and enrichment; Involvement in IWOO committees and special events; Facilitating IWOO’s educational workshops and professional developments; Assisting with fundraising activities; Engaging in IWOO Board and strengthening its governance. Our regular volunteers at IWOO offer their selfless and invaluable services to enrich our programs and make a positive difference in our community.

Your assistance helps us keep going!

We Value our Volunteers

Volunteers are valued members at IWOO and act as the organization’s ambassadors at all levels of its functions and operation.

Our priority is to ensure a meaningful experience for volunteers and great client service to our community members. We offer thorough training to our volunteers and provide learning, leadership, and contribution opportunities for them.

If you would like to make a difference in your life and the Iranian Canadian community’s life and make Toronto a better place to live for all of us, please join IWOO in the following areas:

  • Office administration
  • Program promotion and support
  • Sharing expertise in workshops
  • Special events
  • Fundraising & resource development
  • Committee members

How to Become a Volunteer

Step 01.

Complete the application form below

Step 02.

Attend an interview

Step 03.

Apply for a police record check

Step 04.

Apply for IWOO membership

We welcome students from high schools, colleges and universities.

Based on the demand and number of requests, it may take several weeks to hear back!

Apply to Volunteer

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