Art & Culture

Established in early 2020, the Arts and Literature committee is one of the newest IWOO committees. Since then, we have been promoting Iranian art and culture in the community. The main purpose of this committee is based on IWOO’s mission of empowerment and wellness of women and their families. Another purpose is to keep the Iranian art, literature, and culture alive and vibrant for the Iranian Canadian community, especially for the younger generations.

Director: Saeedeh Nittab Etaati (from 2021)

Our Objective

  • Plan well-organized programs
  • Consider women and their families when planning programs relating to art and literature
  • Realize that art and literature are very close to each other

Our Services

  • Farsi Story Writing Courses; basic and advanced levels, by Sasan Ghahreman
  • Book Club; by Marzieh Sotoodeh and Sasan Ghahreman
  • Art and Mindfulness Classes; by Mojgan Jafari
Farsi Story Writing Courses

Farsi Story Writing Courses

For those that wish to share their stories with the world, writing courses are offered. Here the fundamentals of writing in Farsi are taught.

Led by Sasan Ghahreman

Literary & Book Club

Introduce participants to famous Persian authors and Farsi novels. Participants will read the assigned book and then meet together to discuss its contents and themes.

Led by Marzieh Sotoodeh & Sasan Ghahreman

Literary & Book Club
Art and Mindfullness

Art & Mindfulness Classes

Teach participants about Iranian art and also introduce them to mindfulness where they will learn about being in the present.

Led by Mojgan Jafari

Paint Night

Introduce participants to Iranian paintings and teach them about its characteristics while also giving them a chance to try it out.

Paint Night

Iranian Music Events

Participants get to listen to traditional Iranian music and learn about it.

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