IWOO is a not for profit volunteer-run organization, with the mission to improve the lives of Iranian women and their families in Canada. In achieving this mission, IWOO has adopted important policies that are outlined below. Every volunteer at IWOO is expected to respect the policies outlined below while volunteering at IWOO:

Anti-Oppression Policy

Client’s Bill of Rights

IWOO is committed to building a safe and healthy community, in general and in particular, through supporting and strengthening the quality of life for members of the Iranian-Canadian community.

All IWOO services, programs, literature, staff and volunteers adhere to this principal.
Every client and community member who uses IWOO’s services and programs has the right to:

Non-Political Organization

IWOO is a non-political organization and does not advocate for any particular political opinion in Canada or Iran. IWOO is not affiliated with any political parties in Canada or Iran.

Anti-Harassment Policy

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