IWOO Projects

Community Service Partner (CSP) – (2015-2022)

Funded by the City of Toronto, this program aims to improve the wellbeing of older adults in our community and supports Farsi speaking older adults in the community by providing diverse weekly educational and entertainment programs such as, field trips, art therapy , yoga lessons, mental health wellbeing, older abuse awareness, computer and language classes. The program is delivered in Farsi and provides an opportunity for those with language barriers to socialize and learn about health and well-being of seniors. The program will be adjusted to virtual and/or safe gatherings during the pandemic.

Resilient Community Fund (2022)

Funded by a Provincial Grant (Ontario Trillium Foundation – OTF), this project seeks to support diverse communities and underrepresented populations.

We appreciate the Ontario Trillium Foundation that supported us with the grant and brought about this opportunity to improve our organizational goal and interpersonal skills.

IWOO is planning to run the “IWOO Resilience Program” (IRP), a six-month training and coaching program, targeting the BOD members, employees and volunteers.

The key project activities to complete IRP are: 1) Engaging facilitator for professional training 2) Weekly coaching sessions based on the training and day-to-day job experiences 3) Establishing a virtual platform for internal communication and productivity enhancement

Awareness & Support Vonurable Seniors (2021-2022)

Funded by a Federal Grant (New Horizons for Seniors Program), this project offered weekly activities (such as an English Cafe, Yoga & Fitness classes, webinars on topics like elder abuse, mental health, Covid-19) and intergenerational interactions and volunteerism. The ASVS project aimed to help seniors lead an active lifestyle and empower them with a sense of independence.

Aware, Sociable, Healthy and Active Seniors (2020-2021)

Funded by a Provincial Grant (Ministry of Seniors & Accessibilities), this project wished to give seniors and their family’s knowledge on how to lead aware, sociable, healthy, and active lives. They also learned about how to find and use the resources available to them.

Honorable, Happy & Healthy Seniors (2019-2020)

Funded by a Federal Grant (New Horizons for Seniors Program), this project has been one of  the first projects of its kind, providing comprehensive services to Farsi speaking seniors across the Greater Toronto Area.

The project’s goal was to enable seniors to lead an active lifestyle and to empower them with a sense of independence in their own lives and far from being abused. The focus of this initiative was a four-pronged approach (with 4A’s):


The project offered weekly activities, monthly workshops, quarterly day trips & intergenerational interactions and volunteerism.

Iranian-Indigenous Integration Project (2018-2019)

Funded by a Provincial Grant (Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration), IWOO had planned to partner with Indigenous-based organizations with the goal of achieving empowerment and knowledge-sharing in the social services field.

Through this Iranian-Indigenous Integration Project, IWOO aimed to create greater opportunities to connect the Iranian-Canadian diaspora within Toronto with other cultures and partner with other multicultural organizations to gain a better understanding of Canada’s history and its rich Indigenous cultures.

Through formal and informal interactions, such as networking events, workshops and seminars,  IWOO could create an avenue to build connections with Indigenous peoples, their culture, and  explore common challenges and experiences.

Elder Abuse Awareness in Farsi Speaking Communities (2017-2018)

Funded by a Provincial Grant (Ministry of Seniors Affairs), the Elder Abuse program at IWOO provided several seminars and workshops in an effort to promote understanding of elder abuse and to help older adults who may experience abuse and/or neglect and are seeking recovery and healing in the context of community.

Through seminars and educational workshops, the participants received a deep understanding of the different types of elder abuse. As well, various recovery and relief methods were introduced to participants.

Mentor & Mentorship (Multicultural Community Capacity Grant (2017-2018)

Funded by a Provincial Grant (Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration), this program was aimed to help newcomers in the community to overcome the cultural barriers and assist them in creating professional networks. It provided an opportunity to connect newcomers to different ethno-cultural groups and trained them to face the social and cultural obstacles.

The program consisted of two separate but related sections: (1) Workshops and (2) Human Library;

Workshops: The program offered resume/cover letter and interview preparation workshops tailored to the needs of Farsi speaking newcomers.

Investing In Neighborhood (2015-2018)

Funded by the City of Toronto, the Investing In Neighborhood program aimed to create meaningful and rewarding jobs. Participants were also given the chance to build skills and find references.

Senior Storytelling (2015-2016)

Funded by a Provincial Grant, a collection of stories from some of the elders of the Iranian-Canadian community were made into a book, titled “From There to Here”. These stories of a culture that nourishes our roots were shared with the people so that they would not be lost to time.

Changing Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality within the Iranian and Farsi Speaking Diaspora (2015-2018)

Funded by a Provincial Grant (Ontario Trillium Foundation), this project aimed to provide education and discussions about LGBTQ+ identities within Farsi speaking communities. IWOO wished to fill the existing gap in the community through multiple events such as education workshops, movie screenings, and art exhibitions.

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