Settlement & Newcomer

Many immigrant women and their families need assistance in establishing their new lives in Ontario. IWOO assists, educates, and empowers newcomers of all ages in their settlement, adjustment, and integration through free and confidential services such as, health, language, education, housing, legal, interpretation, and more. Settlement services provided by Macy Tatari, in partnership with SAFSS.

Our Objective

The objective of our Settlement and Newcomers service is to provide Farsi speaking families with the services and opportunities they need to thrive in a new country.

Our Services

o establish a personalized plan and determine eligibility for different services, a formal needs assessment will take place. This assessment will cover a range of topics including, but not limited to, settlement, language, employment, health, and housing, thus ensuring all clients have access to said topics.

Some available services include:

  • Counselling
  • Employment Related Services
  • Referral & Orientation
  • English Language Development
  • Documentation & Government Services
  • Training & Education Services
  • Housing
  • Preparation for Citizenship Tests

Who is Eligible?

Services are available to:

  • Permanent Residents of Canada
  • Convention Refugees

*Immigration documents are required for access to free services.


Immigrating to a new country comes with a list of worries, difficulties, and culture shocks. Counsellors will support and listen to the needs of newcomers and connect them to resources that help them deal with their issues.


Employment Related Services

Referring newcomers to resources and organisations that provide information about certification, academic credential assessments, and employment. Information sessions are also included to illustrate life in Canada through volunteer and community engagement initiatives.

Referral & Orientation

Refer newcomers to community services and resources that they may need and provide them with information on day-to-day life.


English Language Development

Refer newcomers to classes to learn the English language and also connect them to helpful resources.

IWOO also provides English Conversation classes (basic and intermediate levels) and classes where participants can connect to their environment with words and better communicate.

Documentation & Government Services

Provide aid in completing government forms and applications, such as, PR card, child benefit, GST, OW, and ODSP forms.

IWOO, in partnership with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, hosts annual free tax clinics through the CRA during tax season where eligible people can have their tax returns filed by volunteers. (You may be eligible if you have a modest income and a simple tax situation, for more information please contact us).


Training & Education Services

Provide referrals for newcomers to obtain the necessary training and education required for their desired path.


Provide resources and referrals so newcomers of all economic backgrounds can search for temporary or permanent housing.


Preparation for Citizenship Tests

Connect clients to resources and organisations that will help them in best preparing for the citizenship tests.

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