Mental Health

Your mental health is a priority, to us, and to you!

The Mental Health Committee was established in January 2017 as one of IWOO’s professional committees. Fariba Bashiri founded the committee with the help of Sama Bassidj, Selora Lazarjani, Tina Hesami and Noushin Khavarian. Their main purpose is to increase awareness about the importance of mental wellness, while reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and depression in our communities. The Mental Health Committee meets monthly and focuses on goals facilitating Mental Health workshops, Seminars, Mental Health clinics, Yoga, Meditation and Art classes.

Director: Dr. Fariba Bashiri

Our Objective

The current objective of our Mental Health Committee is based on the needs of our community, which include:

• Building Self- confidence
• Parenting our children in a new environment
• Supporting families who have a family member with a mental illness
• Raising awareness on LGBTQ + rights and supporting LGBTQ+ communities
• Promoting seniors’ mental health

Our Services

IWOO’s mental health committee is devoted to increasing awareness about the importance of mental wellness, while reducing the stigma that surrounds mental illness across our diverse communities.

The current objectives of the committee include:

• Mental Health Counselling
• Mental Health Webinars
• Parenting Workshops
• Self-Development Courses
• Support Group

Mental health Counselling

Mental Health Councelling

Counselling is a confidential process that is designed to help a person address their needs and become familiar with understanding themselves and how they cope with their personal and interpersonal coping strategies. This involves a certified psychotherapist that is available throughout the process. IWOO offers these counselling services to the Farsi-speaking community.

Lead by: Hossein Abdollahi Sani, Badri Daneshamouz

Mental Health Workshops & Webinars

We provide educational webinars with valuable information and knowledge in different aspects of mental and wellness. These webinars are held once a month.

educational courses

Parenting Classes

We educate and inform parents on optimal skills and essential aspects of a child’s development. We promote positive relationships, positive discipline, and behaviour management by providing different parenting workshops.

Self Development Course

Providing courses that include Mindfulness, Self- Compassion, Non- Violent Communication, and Transforming your life, will enhance our community to practice the necessary skills for improved well-being & leadership roles in life.

Lead by: Behnaz Moeinzadeh, Noushin Khasteganan


Support Group

We offer a safe environment in our support groups for people facing common issues.

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