Older Adults

IWOO’s Older Adults program is one of its oldest programs which aims to help older adults empower themselves, strengthen friendship and find networking opportunities. IWOO’s Older Adults program has made contributions to keep this group of people socially inclusive and active.

Project Manager: Dr. Noushin Khavarian (since 2011)

Our Objective

The objective of our Older Adults Program is to create a safe environment where older adults can gather to make friends and learn new things, preventing isolation.

Our Services

To accomplish our objective, IWOO offers numerous programs that aim to help older adults in the community, such as,

  • Social Gatherings
  • English Conversation Classes
  • Arts & Mindfulness Classes
  • Educational Workshops
  • Leisure & Recreational Outings
  • Yoga & Fitness Classes
  • Game Days
  • Cultural & National Holidays
Social Gathering

Social Gatherings

A safe and friendly environment is offered where older adults can gather and meet each other once a week.

English Conversation Classes

Language is one of the top barriers to an older adult’s inclusion and participation in community programs. IWOO aims to reduce this barrier by offering English conversation classes where older adults can safely and comfortably learn.

English- olderadults
Art and Mindfullness

Arts & Mindfulness Classes

IWOO provides art classes where older adults can learn painting, dancing, singing, and more. Mindfulness is also taught there so participants can work towards a healthy mind, reduce stress, and learn about being in the present moment.

Educational Workshops

IWOO delivers monthly educational and life-skill workshops for older adults on relevant topics including computer literacy, elder abuse awareness and support, healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Educational Workshop
Leisure and Recreational Outings

Leisure & Recreational Outings

Day trips are offered to further improve socializing and combat loneliness and isolation.

Yoga & Fitness Classes

IWOO offers weekly yoga, fitness, and meditation classes where participants can learn how to lead healthier lives and get active.

Yoga and Fitness Classes
Game Days

Game Days

Weekly sessions where older adults can play interactive games and can connect with each other in a fun and casual environment.

Holiday Celebrations

Participants gather together and take part in both Iranian cultural and Canadian national celebrations, such as Nowruz, Yalda, New year, and Canada Day.

Holiday Celebration
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