Level 01: Virtual Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Course

The Journey to empowerment begins with mindfulness and self-compassion!

IWOO’s newest self-improvement program offers skills in mindfulness and self-compassion for those looking to further enhance their well-being.

While mindfulness helps us be more present; having more self-compassion allows us to have greater kindness and self-love when experiencing moments of hardship.

Research has shown that practicing self-compassion can drastically boost positive relationships with oneself and others. Additionally, it can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and feelings of shame, while promoting deeper and more positive engagement with others.

After taking the MSC series of workshops, you’ll harness the following skills:

  • Self-awareness
  • Mindfully responding instead of reacting to stressful situations
  • Become more present and aware of your needs and those of others around you
  • Minimize harsh criticism towards yourself and others through daily mindfulness practices
  • Manage moments of distress with your MSC toolkit
  • Balancing ration and emotion
  • Improving your decision making
  • Allowing for compassion for one’s personal failures
  • Living with the intention of a more fulfilling life

2021 Program Schedule and Details

These classes are for 12 sessions and start from September 29 on Wednesdays.
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM EST | Location: Virtual Zoom Class

Level 02: Non-Violent Communcation Course (NVC)

Do you want to live more peacefully with yourself and with the people around you?​

IWOO’s newest self-improvement program helps people master the art of communication, improve relationships, resolve long-standing conflicts, create better environments, and learn to better express themselves.

Non-violent communication helps us connect with each other and ourselves in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish. It guides us to reframe the way we express ourselves and listen to others by focusing our consciousness on different areas.


  • Non-conviction
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Awareness
  • Objective observation
  • Resolving conflicts
  • The harmony of subjective emotions and objective observations
  • Top-level communication, the art of communication


Completion of Level 01: Virtual Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Course

2021 Program Schedule and Details

These classes are for 12 sessions and start from May 18 on Wednesdays.
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM EST | Location: Virtual Zoom Class

Transforming Your Life

Are you caught in a life trap? Are you in relationships with people who are selfish or cold? Do you feel inadequate compared to people around you? Join our new course starting from November 9th to learn more about transforming your life.

2021 Program Schedule and Details

The basic classes are for 6 sessions and start from November 9th on Tuesdays.
Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM EST | Location: Virtual Zoom Class

An amazing experience working with the personal development team; they provided an array of support and guidance throughout the workshops. Expressing deep gratitude and appreciation to IWOO and workshop instructors – thank you!
The Mindful Self-compassion virtual classes have been an incredible learning environment. It has taught my daughter and I to be more self-compassionate; and since taking the workshop, we feel more conscious and present in our day-to-day lives. The teachers have amazed and inspired us daily and we’re very thankful for this wonderful organization and self-development series.
Iranian Women Organization of Ontario provided us with the great opportunity to meet with professional and lovely people and to have a wonderful experience, learning with and from them. It is my pleasure to be volunteer in such a great organization and be a participate in this series of workshop. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to “Personal Development ” team, specially Behnaz and Masiha for thier support and guidance.
I am really thankful that IWOO gives us this opportunity to learn the necessary skills to improve our well-being. Due to COVID everyone is super stressed and using daily mindfulness and self-compassion techniques helps me manage my stress levels. I also read the books which Behnaz jan recommended me, they really help me to balance between ration and emotion and improve relationships with oneself and others.
In addition to the attractiveness of the Transforming course topic, what really made this workshop more interesting and enjoyable for me was the way the instructor taught and established a good and friendly relationship with the participants.

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