Book “From There To Here”


One loves the story, lived, lives, and will live. A man considers his life’s stories treasures of mysteries and censuses of his years of life. And finally, immigrant humans have many secrets in this treasure that their recount can be very important in establishing an intergenerational relationship between these immigrants and their descendants who are not familiar with their native culture.

Almost most Canadians are immigrants and each remembers different memories of the culture and traditions of their native land, which deserves to be heard in this country by various civilizations in order to maintain their cultural identity.

In the project, sponsored by the Ontario Elderly Office, the Ontario Women’s Organization has been working to collect a collection of 40 volunteer volunteers gathered by a number of volunteers from the organization and after a structured editing by the professors in a manual To the readers

According to their request, the narrators of the works have included a number of stories with the name and some others without mentioning the name of the storyteller. Stories have been translated and edited for use by younger generation readers who may have difficulty reading Persian

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