IWOO Policies

IWOO is a not for profit volunteer-run organization and a charitable organization, with the mission to improve the lives of Iranian women and their families in Canada. In achieving this mission, IWOO has adopted important policies that are outlined below. Every volunteer at IWOO is expected to respect the policies outlined below while volunteering at IWOO:

Anti-Oppression Policy

  • IWOO is committed to an anti-oppression policy, affirming it in all its practices, services, programs, literature, and in all its staff, volunteer and client interactions; at all levels and in every facet of its operation, this policy applies.
  • IWOO is committed to a policy of anti-oppression, whether the oppression is on the basis of ethnicity, language, race, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, income, political or religious affiliation.
  • IWOO recognizes that many marginalized groups encounter barriers to full access and participation in the community’s life. Therefore, within its mandate, the organization assumes an active role of advocacy for women’s, children’s, and newcomers’ rights. As residents of Canada, all have a right to full and successful participation and integration into society.
  • IWOO is committed to empowering members of the Iranian-Canadian community, enabling them to actively and responsibly contribute to the cultural, social and economic fabric of our city and country.
  • IWOO is committed to supporting its members’ voices and views to help ensure their human rights as they become established in their new environment and continue to learn about Canadian laws, procedures and the policies.
  • IWOO is committed to providing services and programs that are sensitive to the community’s needs and will strive to eliminate all barriers to access and participation in these services.
  • IWOO is committed to travel a positive path in bridging the gap between members of the Iranian-Canadian community and other ethnic and cultural groups in order strengthen the Canadian mosaic and enrich the enjoyment of civic and social life.
  • IWOO will not tolerate discriminatory attitudes, behaviors or practices. The organization’s staff, volunteers and associates will adhere to IWOO’s anti-oppression policies and practices in all of their affiliated endeavors within the organization.

Client’s Bill of Rights

IWOO is committed to building a safe and healthy community, in general and in particular, through supporting and strengthening the quality of life for members of the Iranian-Canadian community.

All IWOO services, programs, literature, staff and volunteers adhere to this principal.
Every client and community member who uses IWOO’s services and programs has the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • Expect that IWOO will offer services and programs that are within its capacity and be responsive to the client’s and community’s needs.
  • Receive IWOO’s services, delivered in a manner that is free from discrimination, be it racial, ethnic, religious, or because of gender, sexual orientation, financial ability, age, or disability.
  • Understand that all services and accommodations provided to the client are confidential, and in accordance with law.
  • Expect direct service from IWOO‘s resources or referral to other reputable service providers.
  • Receive information that is current and accurate.
  • Participate in enhancing and commenting on the quality of IWOO‘s programs and services.

Non-Political Organization

IWOO is a non-political organization and does not advocate for any particular political opinion in Canada or Iran. IWOO is not affiliated with any political parties in Canada or Iran.

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