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We welcome you and your comments on all Iranian women’s organization of Ontario’s social media pages.

  • To provide IWOO with the most updated current tools to outreach to the broader community and create an interactive venue for members and non-members of IWOO;
  • To broaden IWOO’s networks and establish its presents on social media scenery;
  • To Create an interactive venues to outreach to the broader community;
  • To publicise IWOO’s events, programs and services on a large scale.
Views and comments expressed here by the public do not necessarily represent or reflect the positions of the Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario.IWOO herewith disclaims any responsibility and reliability for any and all materials and comments posted on any of our social media sites by public users.IWOO moderates our comments and posts and reserves the right to remove any inappropriate comments, or comments that are contradictory to our policy.
  • Hateful, harassing, slanderous, profane, racist and all other derogatory comments.
  • Comments that are of commercial promotional nature.
  • Comments that violate privacy of individuals and entities.
  • Chain letters
  • Comment that impersonates others
  • Comments or links of sexual content
  • Comments promoting illegal and criminal activities
  • Comments that are offensive and defame others.

Personal information

 Please avoid including your personal coordinates.Comments posted by public that indemnify IWOO against damages, liability and judgment posed by a third party related to any of the public posting.If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact IWOO at info@iwontario.com or 416-496-9566 

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