We are to support women and their families, to improve the social, economic, and educational opportunities for them and to promote solidarity and collaboration among women.

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Elder Abuse Awareness in Communities

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What people say

Mental Health
The mental health workshops taught me how to benefit from healthy thoughts and a healthy mental state.  So, not only my body health is improved; but also my relationship with family members and even friends are enhanced
English Conv.
As a landed immigrant who is not really familiar with the English Language, I attended other English Conversation Courses which were unfortunately very slow and it did not help grow my conversation skills, however, the ones at IWOO are just different.
iPad Club
There is a very beautiful goal behind this workshop. I will continue it more determined. I will be success. This workshop helps me to be independent from others in my personal needs.
Legal Clinic
I can’t find words to appreciate the kindness and patience of the staff at the legal clinic. I have never expected that somebody as a volunteer lawyer would help me that much.
Three years ago, I have been honored to attend the Shahnameh meetings in Dubai. These days are of memorable days of my life and when I have been informed about the Shahnameh sessions in IWOO; I attended the sessions cheerfully.
Attending Zumba classes not only help me to have a healthy and beautiful body; I cannot wait for the next class; but also, help me to remove the negative energies out of my soul and make me ready for a happier life.
Older Adults
As a landed immigrant who is living without family and friends, I have found this gathering really helpful to pass time with friends who are like my sisters and family. I am really satisfied with the program and personnel, and I have found close friends by means of this program.